Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sight Word Practice - Dual-Immersion Classroom

I came across this great idea a few years ago to get my son interested in practicing writing! Because let's be honest, my 3 year old boy (at the time) thought playing in the mud and dirt was MUCH cooler than practicing how to write sight words on paper. He was NOT in the least bit interested in sight words or writing. If I got him to sit down, it was for 2 minutes and 27 seconds at max (okay, maybe not exactly that much but you get the idea). Haha.

The idea is using shaving cream, color and a flat surface, and using your fingers you draw out the word. Once I got everything set up for him the very 1st time, I created flash cards for him to look at and VOILA he was hooked. His interest level went through the roof and he kept asking for more words to practice. I even make it fun by allowing him to mix his own colors, or give him two different colors to work with. He likes to get a little messy, and that's okay by me as long as he's having fun learning! It's definitely been a great experience for mommy and him. And two year later, he is still asking to practice his sight words with writing in shaving cream.

Here's What you Need:
  • Non-Gel Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Bowl
  • Flashcards
 I spray a good amount of shaving cream into the bowl, and then drop only a FEW drops of food coloring. If you go overboard on the food coloring, depending on the area you choose to practice it may stain the surface. I like to work on our glass surface table on the deck so I don't have to worry about making a mess inside, and can go a little darker with the colors :)

Typically, I only make about 10 - 12 flashcards with sight words from his range. This can range I suppose depending on your own child's attention span. Remember, you don't want to make this something you force them to do! When your child gets tired of it, just clean up & save it for another day when they are interested again. I then, show him the flashcards for him to practice writing on his own. We talk about the sight word, sound it out, and say what it means. You'll notice they are in Spanish :) He starts Kindergarten next year in the Dual-Immersion program so we are trying to get a head start!

Hopefully this helps you in some way, shape or form! I know I was very thankful to the person I came across that gave me this idea. It has definitely made the learning process much more interesting to my little man, and less stressful to this mama. I don't feel as if I have to force sight words, writing or learning on him! It's a WIN-WIN in my book :)