Thursday, July 3, 2014

Literature Reviews for Teachers

I'm SO EXCITED to share with you something I've been eager to put into place for a while now, but as most of you TEACHERS will understand... having the TIME to do so is a whole 'notha story! Haha. Now that it's Summer I feel I have the time to get this under my wings & really get it started.

Recently, I enrolled in a couple Children's Literature classes at my graduating University to receive my Elementary Certification in addition to my Secondary Certification. My professor stood in front of us, and told us we had to read 32 books in 6 weeks. I looked at her like, "WOMAN, you crazy!" Shortly after I got over the idea of reading a crazy amount of books I thought I didn't have time for, I went shopping... (bad idea). I purchased several award-winning Young Reader books, as well as Picture Books to read with my son. Guess what happened? I couldn't put them down. I finished 300 page books in one day. My son and I started reading 2 - 3 books a day! I found myself truly unraveling my LOVE for reading again! 

Now, I have always read books to my son at night, but I don't feel that my personal reading practices were modeling a love for reading for my son to follow. My Children's Literature class has definitely changed that. In that past month alone, I have read more books than the past several years combined.

That being said, I decided I wanted to implement my Children's Literature and Young Reader adoration into my blog to help other teachers truly fall in love with reading again. All it takes is a little time, a REALLY GREAT book and you will be hooked and so will your little ones. I know the minute I started showing a fascination towards reading again, my 5 year-old son who I believed was so active he could barely sit still and read a book, suddenly became passionate about reading with me!

My goal with this section of my blog is two things: each week I will have a theme or category of books I will be reading. For example, Non-Fiction, Poetry etc. I will rate the books, provide a short summary, and discuss potential ideas for using these texts in the classroom. Because I am of course a language teacher, I will be providing texts in both Spanish & English for my followers to take a look at!

After taking this class there is one things I realized... reading is truly a gift. A gift that if done right, can open your students' wonder and fascination of the world around them. It is a way to time travel, a way to teach, a way to imagine, and a way to explore. How can you expect your children to be doing these things, if you yourself (as a teacher) are not doing them? Just a little thought to ponder :)

I can't wait to share this with you, and I hope you all enjoy it.