Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week: Who am I?

Hello y'all! I decided to link up with the lovely amazing teachers of Blog Hoppin' and celebrate Teachers Week! Today it's all about WHO you are, so join in the fun and share :)

Who Am I?:

I decided to give you a top ten list style :) because I love all things organized and systematic. I'll try to keep it simple and quick, but I'm a newbie so I think it's only fair to share a little more to help you all get to know the face behind the blog :)

#1: My name is Melissa. I'm a 27 year old, passionate, determined and outgoing woman. I was born on Easter, and my parents always told me the Easter Bunny brought me. I am Mexican-American, fluent in Spanish and English, and a sassy mama-jamba. Haha. Not really, it just sounded good right?

#2: I'm a Single and PROUD Mama Bear to a 5-year old boy, Gabriel. He is the sun to my world. I couldn't imagine life without him. He will be starting Kindergarten this year in a Spanish Dual-Immersion program! Eek, can't believe how quickly time has passed.

#3: I'm a West Michigan Native. I was born and raised in a small town about 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids. We live less than 30 minutes away from Lake Michigan! Left Picture: Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Middle Picture: Beaches of Lake Michigan, Right Picture: Detroit Tigers Comerica Park Stadium

#4: My family is my everything! I have one younger sister, and one older brother. I have so many cousins I can't keep track of them all (well, I can but it's way too many to count). LOL. My sister was nominated Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2012, upon her crowning she made me jump out of a plane with her at 10,000 feet in the air (pictured in bottom right)! She's lucky I love her!

#5: I want to travel the word. I love traveling. I studied abroad during college in Mexico and traveled all over the country. I was bit by the travel bug, and haven't stopped since! The picture in the left below is in Mexico, the right picture is in an all boys orphanage in Mexico and the middle photo is on my way to Los Angeles last year!

#6: My best friend is my sidekick. We met Freshman year of college. She is a psychology major, I was an education major. I was her test-student and she was my test-student. How could we not be destined to be best friends? We have seen each other go through many roller-coasters and we are still standing by each others sides!

#7: I'm obsessed and passionate about culture and language! I taught high-school Spanish for 3 years. After being pink-slipped every year due to budget cuts I decided to go back to school and major in Elementary Education so I could teach in a Dual-Immersion program in my hometown. I love sharing my own culture with others!

#8: I've always wanted to be a teacher. When I was little I used to corral all the neighbor kids into my parents basement and give them homework and make them do accelerated reader! Haha. I thought I was the coolest teacher ever... :)

#9: I love design and photography. I have successfully ran my own side business for the past 5 years doing weddings, engagements, families and children. I took classes in my undergrad but realized that my love for teaching would never go away! Now I'm the luckiest gal ever because I get to do both!

#10: I'm obsessed with all things sports, volleyball and softball especially. In high school I played sports year round. My mom is a volleyball coach so I've been on the court since I was old enough to walk. I played everything from basketball, softball, volleyball and tennis. Sports was kinda my thing.

Well that is all folks :) Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me! I'll see you tomorrow for another session of Teacher Week shares. Adios.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Updates Galore

Blog Design:

If you haven't noticed, you must simply be giving your undivided attention to my stunning writing (pshh, let's be serious), but I got a MUCH needed blog design re-vamp! Who did it you may ask? Me. Me. Me. There are things here and there that I need to touch up and add but I finally bit the bullet and designed it all myself. The design part, definitely not so hard. The coding part on the other hand, let's just say took me a bit to get the hang of! I'm proud to say it's complete and I love it! And you should definitely Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Job Update:

 As some of you may know, my latest teaching position unfortunately had to make some major budget cuts... (insert violin playing here) and I am currently the "U-Word," (unemployed for those of you who didn't catch on, it's okay I've been there). It stinks to say the least! But, on a positive note this situation is giving me a reason to go back to school to get my Masters and turn my degree into something I've always wanted to do, but never took the time to do it. I'm hoping that after my Elementary Endorsement, I will get a 3rd grade teaching position as a Spanish Immersion teacher in my home town starting next year! It is the same program my son is starting this fall as a Kindergartener! (Holy cow, I can't believe I just said that). Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I'm focusing my time on school, being a mom, creating and designing and you guessed it, blogging.

I'd like to toot my horn a little bit here... I haven't been back to school in a while. Although going back to school for ANY mother or father, it is definitely a challenge for me! I'm a single-mother, and I was working full-time AND taking classes! Whew, just saying that kinda winded me. Needless to say, check out this GPA for my Masters thus far!

Yep, that's right a stinken 4.0! I was beyond ecstatic when my grades came back. All that hard work and effort definitely is paying off, and hopefully pays forward in the long run. Can't wait to finish this degree!

Personal Update:

Recently my little man and I was able to take a mini-vacation around our beautiful state of Michigan, just the two of us. We traveled to our favorite spot, climbed on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, rode the Mac Dune Rides as well as traveled to the Ludington SandCastle Museum, visited Pirate's Cove in Traverse City, and conquered the Sleeping Bear Dunes Climb and many other fun places! It was a blast, and well needed Mommy-Son time away from all the stress from class, not having a job etc. Unfortunately on the way home, we had a major boo-boo. If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you may have already saw the picture.

We were traveling south bound on a two-way highway when a deer cut in front of a vehicle two cars in front of us. The car behind him veered to miss him, and slammed on his brakes directly in front of me at 70 mph. It was clearly not a fun way to end our amazing vacation and I have to say, that it was by far one of the scariest moments of my life. Thankfully, my son and I were able to heal from our temporary injuries. We definitely had someone watching over us that day and I'm so thankful. It could have been much MUCH worse. Well, that is all the updates I have for you folks! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your upcoming weekend. My son and I are hoping to have a campfire with his grandpa and grandma this weekend. Don't forget roasting marshmallows, eating smores and cooking hot dogs and pizza pies over the fire. YUM! Can't wait.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hats From Around the World

 This set contains 14 Unique Hats From Around the World in color and 14 Black Lines Included. All files are high quality of 300 PPI helping them maintain their quality when stretched or shrunk. They are also in PNG format for easy use in any document, and appear with no white backdrop.

 « « The set includes the following: » »

(1) Beret
(1) Boater Hat
(1) Bonnett
(1) Conical Hat
(1) Cowboy Hat
(1) Derby Hat
(1) Fez
(1) Fisherman Cap
(1) Safari Hat
(1) Snap-back Cap
(1) Sombrero
(1) Top Hat
(1) Ushanaka
(1) Winter Hat

« « Classroom Application: » »
  • Culture: Who wears these hats?
  • Geography: Where do the hats come from? 
  • Similarities & Differences: How are they similar? How are they different?
Purchase this Set Here:
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The Spanglish Señorita Clipart is created by Melissa Deible. All free and paid graphics may be used for personal and commercial use. No additional licenses are required however, please read my Terms of Use regarding how to give credit and link back to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop if you choose to use my clipart commercially.

All designs and images are creative property of Melissa Deible and should not be redistributed unless incorporated and secured in a new original design / product.

Thank you for your purchase and constant support. I hope you enjoy these items as much as I enjoyed creating them. Enjoy!