Monday, March 20, 2017

Spanish Guided Reading Books for the Dual Immersion Classroom

Well hello there :) It's been awhile. I thought I would share after almost a year and a half in my new Kindergarten Spanish Immersion position a few guided reading publishers for the Spanish Dual Immersion classroom. Sometimes it can be so defeating to see the THOUSANDS of resources available for English taught classrooms. 

At the beginning of my position, I only felt that there were a few solid resources available. Now, I feel as though I've done some SOLID digging, and I would LOVE to share these resources with you! If you have any others that I missed, that you feel are a great asset to your classroom, please do share! We would love to add to our lists of publishers and guided reading collections for our own classrooms. 

So without further, here is my list of Spanish Guided Reading Publishers!

1. - This publishing company contains books published by the same author Bruce Larkin. They have a wide variety of lower level books, that are simple and repetitive for students to practice 


2. Newmark Learning - They have a great selection of social skills books in Spanish, as well as nursery rhymes and non-fictions books ranging from Kindergarten up to 2nd grade. For a 6-pack of books it tends to run between $30 - $45 dollars.

3. Mondo Educational Publishing - This publishing company offers a variety of Spanish guided reading kits, intervention kits, as well as fiction and non-fiction titles.


4. Hameray Publishing - This publishing company contains guided reading books from level A - level I.  They have MANY animal non-fiction books, as well as fiction books with repetitive and easy text.


5. Capstone Publishing - This publishing company has a plethora of Spanish guided reading books including non-fiction, a set focused on teaching first letter sounds, as well as fictional stories. 


6. Cuentos Fonéticos - These are great guided reading books to focus on a particular phonics piece. They range from Kindergarten to 1st grade levels.


7. Teacher Created Materials Publishing - This site contains the Time for Kids NonFiction Readers, as well as Early Childhood Kits that include books, as well as additional resources to teach specific themes, Science Readers and more!




8. The Spanglish Señorita - This is my personal Teacher Pay Teachers site. As we all are well aware, books are expensive! Sometimes our schools, or our personal budgets do not allow us the ability to purchase materials. I have been creating, and publishing my own paper books that my students absolutely love to color and practice. Most books are only $2.00 - $3.00. They come in both black and white for students to color, as well as a color version for teachers. They highlight the sight words with a highlighter, mark a dot above the words they know, and they color the pictures as a reward! A cheap and easy option to get students to read. These books are also a great option to send home, without the worry of losing books or having books get damaged. I also print, and laminate the color version and have added it to our classroom library. 


And that is all for now! I hope you enjoy this list, and it helps you find what you are looking for! Again, if you have any additional publishers that I missed out, please feel free to add them. Guided reading is such a huge piece of my classroom, and I finally feel as though I am building a good base for my kids to practice what they need. 

Thanks for stopping by!