Meet the Teacher

Well hello there my Teacher friends!  :) My name is Melissa, or as my students would call me Señorita. It’s nice to meet you!

I am a single mother to an amazing 5 year old boy named Gabriel, former full-time High School Spanish Teacher, and part-time photographer. I love to take photographs of my son, family and adventures in life. I love to spend time with my closest family and friends. And I truly love helping others.

Spanish Teacher - Educational Experience:

Needless to say, my hands are full BUT for my passion to create amazing & dynamic lessons that keep all students interested and eager to learn the Spanish language there is always more time. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education for Spanish and Psychology from Grand Valley State University. Immediately two weeks after graduating, I accepted a part-time job offer at an inner-city school that I knew would be extremely tough! At that point in my life, I was ready to accept the challenge as the new Spanish Teacher at Ottawa Hills. After a few weeks of introducing my students to what it was I was all about, I went from having no one's attention to having every single student in my classroom's attention.

Sadly, at the end of the school-year I was laid-off due to budget cuts. I applied to teaching job, after teaching job after teaching job just hoping to catch a break. School started, I thought I had lost my chance. Two weeks later I received a phone call for a full-time teaching job! I was so elated, I could finally live in my dream world of "teacher land."

I began to realize in my first couple of years teaching that time is the MOST crucial element in developing amazing lesson plans. This year alone I teach 4 different preps, with each prep including native Spanish speakers and learners with accommodations. As teachers you all know it is exhausting trying to keep up! Finding the time to create 4 amazing lesson plans per day for each individual type of learner is nearly impossible.

Recently I became the "U-Word." I decided to go back to school and finish up my Masters in Elementary Education so I can do what I always dreamed of, teaching in a Spanish Immersion program to my littles!

Spanish Teacher - Purpose of Site:

Which brings me to the creation of this SITE. I realize I am not the only Spanish Teacher struggling with this exact same problem. So I thought, "What can I do to fix it?" Share. Share. Share. I'm the QUEEN BEE of creating lesson plans from scratch, but when time doesn't allow I am just as good at borrowing and adjusting other amazing units I find online. My goal for this site, is to help you be an amazing educator without the stress of time.

Thank you for stopping by :) Hope to see you again.

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